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Harry Elektron

Composer, Actor, One-Man Show, Theatrical Performance,

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Composer, Film and Documetary Music, Songwriter, Singer, Theatrical Performance


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Nolan Cook  "Residents" (Guitar in: Cincinnati Airport)

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Harry Elektron was conceived during the summer of 1995, when he first heard a tape of old folk type Greek music (rebetiko) and decided to transform that stuff to an experimental avant-industrial version.

He goes the studio to record five 'rebetiko' songs with the support of: a famous Greek artist (as the producer), one of the best sound engineer and moral supporter ( Chris Megas) and finaly with the contribution of his close friend Jim Lau ( singer and founder of Boomstate). This recording is eventually released by LYRA during the summer of 1999 with the title "Ierodoulos sobari stin diki" (trans:"Prostitute serious at the court trial"), which is followed by an unforgettable theatrical performance, where he handled string-puppets on stage while singing.

After this he hides himself into the studio for the new project. In the year 2000, something new is getting started. He meets with a theatrical director for composing music for a play and he ends up by also playing  in a small role. The next year he takes the first role in the play of a famous greek theatrical writer ( Iakovos Kabanelis). This brings an avalanche of events: he becomes the host of the ET3 (national greek TV) alternative magazine-serial called "Periptero" (trans:"Kiosk") and he composes the score for the movie "Mamouni me tsipouro" (forget about trans...) of the same director and friend Loukas Kouchtin. Time moves on with live concerts which remain incomparable, from the standpoint that he's the pioneer of the one man show in the experimental-avant garde scene. He goes up to the point to build the stage scenery, set the instruments and perform all by himself. This is the peak of an autonomous creation,

Harry's first vision. In succession, he collaborates with close friend and multitalented Harry Eschaton (Holympus Grail) and together with Nick Johnson (Holympus Grail,again!) and Guffy Punk they formed "Harry Elektron & Sons" and perform some of the most extreme live performances ever seen in their hometown (Thessaloniki).

January 2003: Harry while heading to his studio to rehearse. Somebody had broken into. Most of the instruments were missing...He suffered from great attachment to particular pieces and that was an occasion for the great lesson of Aperigraha (detachment). He immediately books a concert with Savvas (Kazandb) at Mylos and his friends and partners wondered with what the heck he's going to play. And this is the time when his innovative imagination ( also the contribution of Danni Joss) ends up with the construction of Pan Metron: a custom synthesizer. He, Eschaton, Danny Joss and Silas, they perform "Thia Voi" (trans:"Divine Hum") which was one hour-non stop of continuous noises, sample collages and some melodies illustrating the eternal quest. September

2004: He works on a new idea of performing his first instrumental concert, based on the idea of succession of the human centers of force (chakras), meaning from the lower to the higher. This one is supported by the video art of Giotis Vratzas & friends, who created a barrage of images and the decoration of Vangelis Xonoglou, who installed a huge frame so that the stage was placed into it like a painting.

In 2007 he comes back to his known style as a singer with his recent gig at "Mylos"- Thessaloniki, which was characterized as the best so far...



1975: he composes his first song on a Bontempi keyboard .

1985: first cover band, playing new wave hits of the era.

1988: he, Invader, George Rooth, George M., Kosman and Mr.Gordon (aka "Reverse Brothers") formed HARDSHIPS, an industrial-rock band, first ever seen in Greece. Constructions were built by Kosman.

1989: he, Invader and George? perform an improvisation in the main hall of Thessaloniki's Train Station.

1990: he, Kosman and people on spot ( who could not help it not getting involved into), performed an improvisation with offhand instruments: metal bars, pots, fire extinguishers, throwing objects one each other, not getting injured, plastic barrels, metal barrels etc.

1991: he meets with Jim Lau ( just arrived from Australia). Immediately, he's perceiving the talent and depth of this human being and together with Goerge M. (drummer of HARDSHIPS) they formed MANTRUCK, a romantic-avant rock band.

1995 : Jim Lau and Harry Elektron formed the BOOMSTATE, one of the psychedelic-pop bands of Greece.

2007: "Time marches on" as another Jim said... I edited my profile with