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Alexander Services and Products, International

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We have been marketing a diversity of services and  products, physical or  electronic, all over the world for many years. 


Services and products of most categories contained herein were marketed by us offline before the advent of the Internet.


For information contact us at:


Alexander Services & Products

Alexander Services & Products International, London, England: 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Str., EC1V 4PY

Merchants, authors, and generally all content owners may opt out anytime: Should you wish your products and/or services not to be indexed/published on our website you are kindly requested to disconnect your landing page(s) with us, or ask us to remove our anchor text, content, link etc.

Interalex: The term Interalex was used for the first time by our company Alexander International  as a telegraphic address in 1976




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Online Marketing of Services and Raw or Manufactured Products & Produce of Any Kind Size, Quantity, Shape, Origin, Area or Country:
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